Editorial Board

Last updated on: June 26, 2021

The editorial board comprises a panel of experts from various disciplines of Palliative Care to provide their expertise and guidance in maintaining the clarity of content and focus of the purpose for the journal.


Dr. Raghavendra. R, MD, DNB, FIAPM(ISSP)
Fellowship in Pain Medicine (Singapore),
Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (USA),
MSc. Pall. Med. (Cardiff UK),
LEAD Consultant, Aster Hospitals, Bangalore,
Editor IJPC, Secretary ISSP, Karnataka Chapter

Section Associate Editors

Dr. Jayita Deodhar
Psycho-Oncology and Psychosocial Care,
Department of Palliative Medicine,
Tata Memorial Hospital,
Mumbai, India
Email: jukd2000@yahoo.co.uk

Dr. Gayatri Palat
Pain and Palliative Medicine,
MNJ Institute of Oncology and RCC,
Hyderabad, India,
Consultant, Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration,
Email: gpalat@gmail.com

Dr. Lulu Mathews
Palliative Care Education and Training,
Program Director Academics,
Institute of Pall Medicine,
Kozhikode, India
Email: lulumathews@gmail.com

Dr. Roop Gursahani
Palliative Care Ethics,
Policy and Advocacy,
Consultant Neurologist,
P.D.Hinduja National Hospital,
Mumbai, India
Email: roop_gursahani@hotmail.com

Dr. Priyadarshini Kulkarni
End of Life Care and Bereavement,
Consultant Palliative Medicine,
Ease and Support, India
Email: priyadarshini.kulkarni@gmail.com

Dr. Rakesh Garg
Symptoms (Other than pain),
Additional Professor,
Dr. BRAIRCH, AIIMS, New Delhi, India
Email: drrgarg@hotmail.com

Dr. Nishkarsh Gupta
Cancer Palliative Care (Adult),
Additional Professor,
Department of Onco-Anaesthesiology and Palliative
Medicine, DRBRAIRCH, AIIMS Delhi, India
Email: drnishkarsh@rediffmail.com

Dr. Mayank Gupta
Cancer and Chronic Pain,
Associate Professor,
Department of Palliative Medicine and Supportive Care,
Lead, Division of Chronic and Interventional pain,
KMC, Manipal Academy of Higher Education,
Manipal, India
Email: drm_gupta@yahoo.co.in

Dr. Arun Ghoshal
Non-Cancer Palliative Care (Adult),
Assistant Professor,
Tata Memorial Hospital,
Mumbai, India
Email: arun.bata@yahoo.com

Ms. Anu Savio Thelly
Palliative Care Nursing,
Nurse Consultant,
Dept of Palliative Medicine,
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Puducherry, India
Email: anu.savio@gmail.com